Streamline WHS meetings and optimise inspections.

Ensure audits are not only ISO and AS-compliant, but proactive and efficient.

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Support and enable a culture of continuous WHS improvement and preventative action.

Make workplace health and safety meetings, inspections and audits consistent, compliant and constructive.

Learn, share and take preventative action

Engage stakeholders across multiple sites. Share meeting minutes and lessons. Allocate tasks, assign accountabilities and implement solutions that drive behavioural and cultural change.

Establish WHS work groups and allocate tasks

Handpick and connect personnel for workplace health and safety meetings, inspections and audits. Assign responsibilities and tasks to ensure a transparency, accountability and smooth WHS journey.

Get more done with the meetings toolbox

Set up meetings. Customise agendas. Share outcomes. From hazard and incident-related meetings, through to shift-handovers, make every interaction proactive and effective.

Make WHS inspections, audits and compliance easy

Select from templated inspection and audit documents, or build your own with the system’s intuitive interface. Either way, Tasks ensures every inspection and audit is ISO and AS compliant.

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