Keep your workplace health and safety data safe, as well as your people.

Trust our security experts to look after your WHS data and ensure you enjoy maximum uptime with Epihub.

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Enjoy a workplace health and safety management experience that's as secure as it is intuitive.

Rest easy knowing your WHS files and documents are secure, thanks to our industry-leading network and data security.

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All server connections utilise the latest TLS standard. All network access, logins and activities are logged. All files are encrypted using AES 256 encryption. All passwords are stored as one-way salted hashes.

Get mulitple-firewall peace of mind

Multiple firewalls are deployed throughout the network, while access rules are based on the principle of least access, with servers being segmented based on their role.

Leave security audits, scans and backups to us

Our security experts conduct regular security infrastructure and network integrity audits, along with monthly PCI AVS scans. Backups are encrypted and purged automatically after three months.

Rely on 99.998% uptime with AWS

Epihub’s AWS-hosted data centres have multiple redundant availability zones, with maximum uptime 99.998% targeted application availability per year.

Know that your data is secure

Our database has been designed to ensure customer data is segmented and isolated. We’re PCI DSS compliant and use IDS/IPS to identify and protect against hacking and malicious attacks.

Take control of who sees what

As a workspace owner, you have complete control over what information and data users can access – access is restricted based on an individual’s role.

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