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The smarter, easier way to manage WHS.

Workplace health and safety in government departments and public sector organisations often operates on auto pilot. Compliance is enough. WHS becomes a background issue. Until something goes wrong, that is. With Epihub, you can get proactive. You’ll find smarter, easier ways to manage WHS. And you’ll discover efficiencies and reputation-saving opportunities you never knew existed. 

Customise everything to suit your organisation

Any department. Any sector. Any size workforce. Scale and customise Epihub to suit your strategic and operational priorities, so you can connect the WHS dots in a way that works for your people.

Engage everyone in WHS compliance and innovation

Bring your WHS systems, best practice and performance to life with intuitive workplace health and safety tools and reports. With the Epihub app, your people can actively engage and contribute in the field, even when they’re offline.

Make audits and inspections smooth and seamless

WHS audits. WHS inspections. WHS events. Epihub is packed with functionality that makes managing and streamlining all your WHS to-do’s easy, right down to organising meetings, assigning actions and tracking progress.

Give everyone instant at-a-glance WHS intel

Epihub’s intuitive dashboard creates a single source of truth that everyone can access and contribute to, making it easier than ever to unearth WHS insights and improve decision-making and accountability.

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