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Keep your employees and volunteers safe. Make the complex business of workplace health and safety simple.

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Keep your employees and volunteers safe.

You’re in the charity and not-for-profit sector to make the world a better place. We’re in this for the greater good, too – to keep people safe, wherever they work. So, find out how we can help you keep your employees and volunteers safe and on top of the WHS game. And discover if your charity or not-for-profit organisation is eligible for a discount or complimentary training.

Customise Epihub to suit your mission

From social workers on the street, to food vans working with homeless charities, to environmental remediation in the field, you can customise Epihub’s WHS functionality to support your people, wherever they are, whatever they do.

Bring your employees and volunteers together

Connect your people and come together to make everyone safer. Epihub is designed to bake workplace health and safety best practice into your culture and ensure everyone is on the same WHS page and team.

Ask us how we can help you pro bono

Tell us about the workplace health and safety challenges you face as a charity. Find out how we can help you customise and make the most out of Epihub and the Epihub app.

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