Make WHS systems analytics and reporting easy.

Epihub's analytics module delivers maximum WHS systems and performance insights with minimum clicks.

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Stop dreading those monthly WHS reports.

With elegant controls and reports, Analytics makes the onerous task of collating, dissecting and disseminating WHS data simple. Enjoyable, even.

Easy on the eye (and your brain)

A beautiful, human-friendly interface. Simple, elegant statistics. Straightforward chart generating tools. Analytics brings your WHS stats and reports to life. Instantly. Intuitively.

One source of WHS truth

The days of reconciling hard-copy WHS systems reports with muddled spreadsheets are over, as are the eons you’d spend creating error-prone powerpoints. Simply click, customise and share.

Drill down and wise up, fast

The intuitive Analytics interface makes it easy to drill down to the data and detail you need, so you can continually improve your WHS systems and performance.

Cut to the chase and through the numbers

Customisable at-a-click reporting enables you to highlight your organisation’s WHS pain points rapidly. Less time trawling through data. More time collaborating on improvements.

Open up a world of WHS reporting data

Analytics can be shared with and used by anyone, sharing the WHS data and insights managers throughout your organisation need to step up their WHS game.

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