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More than a workplace health and safety management (WHS) solution, Epihub is the digital realisation of a mission – a mission to transform WHS and make it easier to keep people safe.

The Epigroup and Epihub story

Epigroup, the workplace health and safety consultancy behind Epihub, is the brainchild of Jake Cole and James Teakle, two friends and entrepreneurs with a passion for helping people and businesses.They established Epigroup in 2012 and set out on a journey to fundamentally change the way organisations across all sectors, but particularly heavy industry, think about and addresses WHS. 

Jake and James’s mission:

  • To shake up the world of workplace health and safety management and compliance.
  • To make people safer at work, while making businesses more efficient and profitable.
  • To end ‘compliance by numbers’ and drive WHS best practice beyond the pursuit for ‘Zero’.
  • To take the hard work – and guesswork – out of WHS.
  • And to do it by making WHS easier. Enjoyable, even.

Our values:

  • Be curious. Never be afraid to do or try something new.
  • Be indispensable. Add value whenever and wherever you can.
  • Be a legend. Make a promise, keep it. Make a mistake, own it.
  • Be the difference. Celebrate what makes you and Epigroup unique.

Fast forward to Epihub

At Epigroup, our goal has always been to combine WHS best practice with the best business, process and technological smarts to create game-changing workplace health and safety solutions. And to create Epihub, a technology solution that makes WHS best practice second nature, that meant:

  • bringing together the best international WHS and digital design and development talent
  • tapping into every ounce of frontline WHS experience within our team
  • developing a solution that works, not just on paper, but in the real world
  • ensuring the solution works for everyone – every organisation of every size in every sector.

The result is Epihub, a WHS management system that connects your people – with each other and best practice – and builds WHS capability from the inside out, creating a culture of continuous improvement that makes WHS compliance and best practice simple.

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