Grab a powerful real time snapshot of WHS performance.

Crack on with the important work of optimising your performance-based WHS systems.

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Dig into real-time data to reveal insights and find ways to optimise your WHS systems.

Dashboard collates and distils all your WHS performance data. Customise it. Share it. Dissect it. At a glance. On your terms.

Save time, money and your sanity

Power up your performance-based WHS system more efficiently and cost effectively. With Dashboard you have all of your organisation’s WHS stats in real time and at your fingertips.

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Still compiling, reconciling, checking and laying out clunky powerpoints manually? Dashboard presents all your need-to-know WHS performance stats instantly and prints to PDF. Easy. 

Customise your WHS performance dashboard

Choose the real-time WHS performance data you want to see and how you want to view it. Drill down. Gen up. Share your insights and set about addressing those WHS pain points.

Get on with the business of improving WHS

Dashboard does all the hard work, giving you more time and energy to prioritise the important stuff. So, stop prevaricating and start improving your WHS performance.

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