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Connect your people. Protect your customers.

Create an accountable WHS culture with an agile WHS system that can be scaled and customised to suit restaurants, shops, hotels, sports venues and more.

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Actively prevent risks turning into claims.

Take a more proactive approach to WHS management with a system designed to be as dynamic as the environment you work in. Switch to a WHS management system that’s so easy, all your workers can help you create a WHS learning culture and actively prevent risks turning into claims.

Report and resolve in real time

Real-time, anytime hazard and incident reporting with the Epihub app. Management tools that promote accountability, action and a risk-competent culture of sharing and learning.

Scale up and down without compromise

Easy to use. Easy to scale up or down. Your workforce may change, but your approach to maintaining the highest WHS management standards doesn’t have to.

Take WHS events in your stride

Slips. Trips. Falls. While you can’t know what’s around the corner, you can be sure every hazard and event will be logged and shared in real time, minimising your risk and liabilities.

Drive down risk and your overheads

From restaurants to hotels to retail outlets, with our agile WHS management system you can minimise safety risks, WHS management paperwork, insurance claims and premiums.

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