Engage your whole manufacturing team in your WHS process.

Create WHS transparency and a culture of ongoing improvement. Enpower. Equip. Evolve. Together.

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One system. One safety management process.

Step away from your process charts for a moment. Optimising your WHS management plan and performance is about people and human behaviour, not processes. It’s about evolving a resilient safety culture universally, not in stages or silos. And that’s what Epihub gives you. One system. One safety management process. Everyone pulling in the same direction.

Boost WHS transparency, collaboration and confidence

One system connecting everyone with a consistent, continually evolving source of WHS truth, with all the features and tools you need to engage your people in WHS and empower them.

Drive improvements everywhere

With all your staff engaged with WHS management and improvement, you can continually refine your WHS management plan, reducing hazards, incidents and, ultimately, downtime.

Spot trends and optimise process safety

Delve into your WHS data. Access and share insightful reports with a click. Prioritise actions that will deliver tangible improvements in WHS performance and productivity.

Reap the efficiency and insurance rewards

Engage your entire manufacturing workforce in safety management. Nurture a culture of WHS accountability and leadership. Raise the WHS bar and lower your insurance premiums.

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