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Take the easiest route to safety compliance and optimisation.

Connect your people with each other and the customisable WHS tool they need, in the cloud.

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WHS knowledge that feels like second nature.

In the warehouse or on the move, your people are the strongest link in the safety chain and hold the key to WHS optimisation and compliance, so connect them. With each other. With access-anywhere warehouse and transport safety management tools. With one system for recording and sharing WHS knowledge that feels like second nature.

Keep everyone connected

From reporting events, near misses and hazards on the fly, to sharing life-saving insights and knowledge, connect your people in the cloud and via the Epihub app

Make proactive WHS easy

Customise our WHS management system and tools to suit your transport or warehouse workforce, right down to custom forms. When WHS feels easy, so does improving it.

Improve outcomes, instantly

Don’t just log warehouse incidents or report transport safety events. Report hazards and learn from near misses instantly, with real-time data and knowledge sharing.

Reduce risk, incidents and insurance premiums

More than just WHS reporting and compliance, Epihub is designed to embed WHS best practice into your culture, which will impress your people (and your insurance company).

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