Connect your people. Protect their safety, and your reputation.

Epihub's software and app are built to make improving in-the-field, on-the-move farm safety easy. 

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WHS software has evolved.

Traditionally, WHS software hasn’t really worked for the agriculture industry and the unique, in the-field challenges of farm safety. That’s one of the reasons farming is one of the highest risk industries around. Agriculture has moved on. Now, WHS software has evolved too.

Connect and protect anywhere on your farm

Epihub and the Epihub app work in the cloud, which means that wherever your people work, you can connect them and work together to protect everyone’s safety. And your reputation.

Take the pain out of staying AS compliant

Our workplace health and safety software is designed to ensure your farm stays complaint with Australian Standards. You’ll be ticking all the certification boxes automatically.

Focus on productivity, not paperwork

Hate WHS paperwork? Our software loves it, automatically compiling your safety data into insightful reports, so you’re always audit-ready and aware of what’s going on.

Lower WHS risk and your insurance burden

Epihubs features bake WHS best practice into your culture, raising WHS awareness and reducing risks, which can only be good for your insurance premiums.

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