Keep real-time tool and equipment records.

Keep everybody accountable. Keep everyone safe with the latest documentation. Keep all your people and equipment on the same page. Literally.

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More than just a static record or checklist for your equipment.

Register Builder enables you to build and share customisable equipment registers in a jiffy. Accessible anywhere. Instantly updated. Providing complete transparency and access to current safety and operational documentation.

Customise your equipment registers

Make record-keeping simple for everyone with customised registers that are as easy to maintain as they are to build and share. No coding or faffing around. No excuses.

Attach operational documentation

In fact, you can attach any kind of documentation to each equipment record. Safety checklists. User instructions. Troubleshooting manuals. All available online, anytime.

Create a single source of truth

No more hard-copy records that get lost. No more soft-copy, versions-control issues. Your equipment registers will be online, instantly available and updateable, anywhere, by anyone.

Keep everyone honest and on the ball

This is real-time, easy-as record keeping, so everyone can see where everything is. It’s the ultimate in shared resource management responsibility and planning transparency.

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