Report and track near misses, hazards and incidents quickly.

Fast-track improvements to WHS hazard identification and management practices.

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Create a WHS culture of continuous improvement.

Proactively manage near misses and incidents to gain invaluable hazard identification insights. Simplify and optimise every aspect of WHS event management and turn your learnings into tangible improvements in WHS management practices.

Capture near misses, hazards and incidents

Log, manage and learn from near misses, hazards and incidents, gathering vital intel that you can bake into your WHS management systems, hazard identification practices and culture. 

Simplify event logging and management

No redundant forms. No unnecessary paperwork. Events minimises questions and eliminates overlap and duplication, streamlining the path to event remediation and prevention.   

Build work groups and create a common WHS language

Create hand-picked groups, nominate event owners and add users. Ensure events, injuries, health issues and more are clearly and consistently categorised in line with WHS industry best practices.

Do it all online and on the fly

Manage every aspect of hazard identification and mitigation online, in real time. And with all your stakeholders collaborating via Events, you can be certain no detail or lesson will be missed.

Customise your event documentation

Tailor fields and forms. Add photos, documents and evidence. Make your WHS management documentation work for you, your team and the safety of your people.

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