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Enter WHS events and assign actions instantly on any smart device.

Connect and collaborate with your people in the field. Tackle WHS in real time, online or even offline.

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Put the power to report hazards and manage WHS issues in your people's hands.

The free ios and Android Epihub app connects workers in the field with each other and your ever-evolving single source of WHS truth, enabling everyone to contribute to your WHS mission on the fly.

Report hazards and manage WHS events

Enable your people to flag up hazards and issues anywhere, anytime. Assign tasks and actions to workers while you’re in the field.

Take photos and share updates

See it, fix it. Use the app to disseminate vital WHS data and feedback, as well as take and share photos of hazards and remedial workplace health and safety activities.  

Work offline and sync automatically

No internet connection? No problem. The app will update and sync all your data and photos automatically as soon as you’re connected. No delays, double entries or worries.

Put WHS in everyone's hands

Engage your entire workforce in your WHS mission. Place the power to make a difference in the palm of your people’s hands. Make WHS top of mind, wherever they’re working.

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