Make the management of WHS action plans a breeze.

Set up a streamlined action-focused workflow in response to any event, then track and drive actions to close-out with total control and peace of mind.

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Quickly and easily implement action plans in response to any WHS event.

It’s a single source of truth providing complete transparency and accountability, so you can actively drive resolutions and meaningful change.

Drive your action plans to fruition, faster

Don’t get lost in a miasma of elusive email trails and paperwork. With Actions, you can streamline your organisation’s response to any WHS, online and in real time.

Add all the actions and users you want

Allocate actions and accountabilities to create the ultimate in WHS action management plans, with three levels of users (Admin, Supervisor and Staff) for a clear plan of action.  

Keep on top of everything, everywhere

Search actions. Oversee due dates. Monitor progress. Track completion. Know what’s happening and who’s responsible. With live status tracking, you’re always in the loop.

Follow the bread crumbs to close-out

From action allocation, to recording changes made along the way, Actions automatically logs and emails activity and changes to event owners and action-takers. A WHS auditor’s dream.

Print plans, review actions and attach evidence

Actions is packed with helpful functionality, from the ability to print action plans to PDF, to attaching photos and documents, to maintaining action data (even on inactive plans).

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