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Get everyone engaged in the WHS risk assessment and management challenge.

Embed safety management best practice into your culture and free up your people to focus on business.

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Manage and mitigate risk.

Professional services firms and consultancies aren’t high-risk environments, but your clients’ workplaces may well be. So, how do you manage and mitigate risk when it’s transient? How can you minimise the associated time and insurance costs associated with those risks? You use a WHS, risk and safety management system that optimises everything and engages everyone.

Customise, connect and protect, everywhere

Scale and customise Epihub to suit your company’s size and service style. Give your people the risk management and knowledge sharing tools they need. In the office. On site. On the move. Read about the Epihub app.

Make site-based risk management easy

No two days or sites are the same, but our system ensures your approach to safety management is consistent, enabling you to spot trends, share intel and reduce WHS risk.

Capture any incident, mitigate any risk

Travel risks and incidents. On-site safety hazards. Near-miss learning opportunities. Even security events. Log it, learn from it, then implement and drive a collaborative action plan.

Maximise safety, minimise risk-related costs

When your whole workforce is recording, reporting and sharing WHS data in real time, the risk of disruptive incidents, safety-related downtime and even your insurance premiums fall.

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