Health Care & Social Assistance

Proactively prevent WHS events. Reduce WHS risks and costs.

Engage your people in ensuring everyone - patients, carers, practitioners - stays safe. In practices. In patients' homes. On the road.

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Create a resilient, risk-competent culture.

Take new WHS regulations in your stride. Equip your people with the health and safety tools they need to report hazards and events anywhere, anytime. Give your management team the tools to drive remedial and preventative WHS action and create a resilient, risk-competent culture.

Tap into everyone's knowledge

From logging hazards and events in real time, to flagging safety issues and insights, connect your people in the cloud and via the Epihub app. At work. In homes. On the road.

Make WHS proactive and consistent

One system. A world of customisable tools, forms and more. Tailor Epihub to suit your workforce and strategy. Make proactive WHS feel like second nature.

Stay compliant and on the front foot

With all your WHS data and customisable reports just a click away, proving compliance is easy, while real-time knowledge sharing prevents hazards escalating into incidents.

Save time, stress and money

No email and paper trails to reconcile. Just streamlined reporting and action-oriented tools that make creating a WHS learning culture easy, lowering your risk profile and insurance liabilities.

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