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Creating a Form Template

Step 1: Click on the CREATE FORM button 

Step 2: Hover cursor over placeholder text and replace with your custom title (Select SET AS DRAFT while editing your form)

Step 3: Select the FORM TYPE. This selection dictates the event type in which the form can be added

Step 4: Add FORM FIELDS. To do this, hold and drag the desired form field to the template

Step 5: Once you’ve added a ‘Form Field’, you’ll need to edit the field to suit your data capture requirements. Hover cursor over the form field to bring up Edit, Delete and Duplicate options for each Form Field. Select EDIT 

Step 6: Customise your Form Field and click SAVE once finished

Step 7: Hold cursor down on side bar to move ‘Form Field’ up or down the template 

Step 8: Once finished un-select SET AS DRAFT and exit out. Your form should be shown on the main form builder page

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